Silent spring?
Now is the time to act!


The greatest extinction of species since the disappearance of the dinosaurs is in full progress.
Insects play a central role in this and their decline is alarming. Insects are important pollinators for many plants.
They are the food source for almost all birds and other animals and they improve the soil.
If insects die, spring will be silent and our ecosystem dies. There are many reasons for the massive losses but we can still stop the extinction of insects!

No more bees, no more plants, no more people...... (Albert Einstein) Let‘s not let it get to that point!

Knows causes

One important reason for insect mortality is the loss of natural habitats. Many natural insect habitats are being lost due to intensive agriculture and the sealing of what were previously meadows and fields. Other challenges include pesticides, climate change, light pollution and the introduction of imported animal and plant species or diseases.

This is new

Electromagnetic fields such as those created by mobile phone radiation also have a negative impact on insects. Even radiation far below the official limits has an impact. A new overview study investigating the influence of high-voltage power lines and mobile phone base stations on insects is attracting international attention.

How you can help

Species extinction is a human-made problem that nature cannot solve for us. This is why every person is urged to work in their sphere of influence. Read here how you as a private individual can help to slow down the extinction of insects. We also issue an appeal to environmental organizations and call politicians to take action.

Teaser about insect-extinction

Facts about insect extinction

Almost half of our researched insect species are endangered, have become extremely rare or are already extinct. According to the popular Krefeld study, the total mass of flying insects has decreased by more than 75 % in 25 years. International studies confirm this massive decline. Insect extinction is an important and complex issue.

There are many experts in this field and exciting publications that you should be aware of. We are happy to provide you with important links.

Additional exposure to electromagnetic fields


This systematic review and meta-analysis by Thill, Cammaerts & Balmori (BEEFI Study 2023) evaluates the international state of research on the effects of electromagnetic fields (EMF) from high-voltage power lines and mobile phone base stations (cell towers) on insects.

The authors subjected 130 studies to a quality assessment in accordance with the international PRISMA guidelines and presented an overall assessment of the significance of the results. Findings: „Non-thermal biological effects of EMF on insects have been clearly demonstrated in the laboratory… „

Teaser about the organization: Association for Environment and Consumer Protection demands the precautionary principle from politicians.

Background to this website provides comprehensive information on the potential effects of mobile phone radiation on insects and sensitises visitors to this important topic. With its campaign, diagnose:funk is committed to taking measures to protect insect diversity and to ensuring that mobile phone expansion is carried out responsibly. According to the motto: Use technology sensibly!

„Everywhere an earlier foreshadowing precedes later knowledge.“