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Promote education and the sensible use of technology with a view to the health of people
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diagnose:funk is a small association with a wide reach that campaigns for education and the positive use of technology with regard to human and environmental health. An important goal of the association is the protection of insects from the effects of radiation caused by wireless technologies. By donating to diagnose:funk, we can help to raise awareness of this issue and support research projects. Together we can promote the protection of insects and create a sustainable future.

We are grateful for any support. Your donation and/or sponsorship contribution motivates us to continue pursuing our goals of and expanding our commitment to a lower-radiation environment.

Jörn Gutbier, 1st Chairman Diagnose-Funk e.V.

Donation account

If you do not wish to use our online donation option, you can also donate by conventional bank transfer. Please use the following bank details:

Recipient: Diagnose-Funk e.V.

IBAN: DE39.4306.0967.7027.7638,00

Purpose: DONATION, „Your first and last name“, „Your address“

(Please include your first name, surname and address in the reason for payment so that we can allocate your donation and issue you with a donation receipt in the coming year). 


Is diagnose:funk a non-profit organization?

diagnose:funk e.V. is subject to supervision and regular audits by the Stuttgart tax office. We are authorized to issue officially recognized donation receipts. Donations, sponsorship and membership fees are tax-deductible.

You can find the aims and statutes of diagnose:funk here…

When will I receive a donation receipt?

After the end of the year, we will issue donation receipts for all donations, sponsorship and membership fees received. Certificates for the previous year will be sent out from mid-February of the current year if the total amount of donations/contributions in the year has reached or exceeded 20 Euro.

Is diagnose:funk credible?

Yes, diagnose:funk is credible. For many years, the association has been consistently committed to raising awareness of the effects of technology on human and environmental health. We work closely with scientists and experts and our statements and recommendations are based on well-founded studies and research results. You can get an idea of this on our database Diagnose:funk enjoys a high level of trust among experts and the public. As early as 2016 in the report Diverging risk assessments in the field of mobile communications“ for the BMVU (BMUV: Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection in Germany), we were counted among the most important NGOs involved in opinion-forming worldwide, as well as in the German Bundestag’s 2023 report on the technology assessment of mobile communications.


How can I contact the association?

If you need help or have questions about donations or funding, you can contact us directly:

Diagnose-Funk – Environmental and consumer organization for protection against electromagnetic radiation
P.O. Box 15 04 48
D-70076 Stuttgart

Telephone: 069/36 70 42 03 | Telephone hours: Mondays and Tuesdays between 8 and 10 a.m.
Fax: 069/36 70 42 06

How do I become a supporting member and what are the benefits?

If you make a monthly donation to diagnose:funk of at least € 5, you become a supporting member and enjoy many benefits:

  1. you will receive our member magazine „KOMPAKT“ by postal-mail 4 times a year
    2. you will receive some articles at a discount in the diagnose:funk store
    3. you will make this world a better place and support the work of diagnose:funk

It is best to use this form:

How does diagnose:funk use your donations?

The redesign and further distribution of information material, the continuous evaluation of existing research, translations and extensive research work, are all financed by donations, sponsorship contributions and membership; we do not receive any public subsidies. With your support, we provide information about the risks of wireless radiation. We show how you can protect your own health by minimizing radiation and using alternative technologies. You too can help us to implement consumer protection projects in a successful manner!

More info here…

How can I support special campaigns and activities?

If you want to support diagnose:funk for special actions or campaigns, In addition to your name and address, please enter the name and address stated in the transfer form under the purpose of use, e.g. KAMPAGNE INSEKTEN SCHÜTZEN (PROTECT INSECTS CAMPAIGN). The funds will then be used for this purpose. If sufficient funds are already available to support the campaign or if the campaign has already ended, the funds will be used in the same way as far as possible.


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